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  • Shopping Locally This Holiday Season

    11 min read

    Tips on shopping locally this holiday!

    In a world that is growing more and more globalized and interconnected, it can be hard to find the time or wherewithal to oppose this general trend. There are so many cool things happening in other parts of the world! But, there are benefits to shopping locally as well.

    As the Holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about the things you want to buy. Why not consider buying from a local business in your area? The advantages of shopping locally are numerous.

    The holidays are a time of giving, cheer, and togetherness. 

    Don't let this season go by without stopping in at your local shops. 

    Are you already prepared to give your friends and loved ones a gift as the holiday season draws near? Your decision will be aided by this blog.

    Reasons why people should consider shopping locally this holiday season

    • Invest and keeps money in your community

    Shopping locally helps keep money in your community. When you buy from a local business, you support that business, and it will be more likely to stay open in the future. 

    Every time you buy something from a local business, they earn more money that they can use to buy more supplies. That means more of your dollars are staying right where you live.

    Also, it helps support the people who live near you, which means you're investing in your community as well as supporting your local economy. Check out the Top 5 Places to Shop Local in Austin

    • Convenient

    If you're looking for some last-minute gifts for your friends and family during the holidays, then shopping locally is a great option for you! 

    Most local businesses will have inventory available on-hand all year round, so you don't have to worry about whether they'll have what you want when you need it. Plus, many of these businesses also offer delivery services so that even if they don't have something in stock now, they can get it for you right away!

    • Good for the environment

    You're probably familiar with the concept of "going green" when it comes to shopping for stuff. You may have heard about the environmental benefits of shopping locally and supporting small businesses instead of big-box stores or chains.

    Buying locally means less fuel is used in transportation, which means less pollution is released into the air. The electricity that lights your home or business is also made using renewable energy sources.

    • Support Local Businesses Growth

    Shopping locally helps support businesses' growth since you may obtain your needs directly from the individuals who produce and grow them. 

    Due to their inability to compete with large box shops, many small businesses are forced to close their doors or sell their assets to another business. 

    By shopping at a locally owned store, you're supporting your community and helping keep the lights on for smaller businesses.

    In addition, Shopping locally doesn't just help your wallet. When you buy from a local business, like these Top 5 Places to Shop Local in Los Angeles, you're helping that stores thrive and expand.

    • Create demand for local jobs

    Another important impact shopping locally brings is the chance to create more jobs in your area. Local businesses are the ones that hire local people, so as more people buy from local businesses, those businesses hire more people, which leads to more jobs. 

    This creates more opportunity and economic growth in the area, which benefits everyone involved. This is true whether you're buying a gift for yourself or shopping for someone else. 

    • There are great deals to be found

    Local shops are often more likely to invest in their business and offer better deals to their customers than big chains. 

    You'll see a greater variety of products and services, too — which means you can get the best deal possible on everything from gifts for friends and family members to groceries or even electronics.

    You can as well get access to great deals from local businesses and charities that may otherwise be difficult to find elsewhere. Many of us have trouble saving money these days, especially during the holiday season when everyone is out shopping and spending money on gifts and dinners with family and friends. 

    But there are ways you can save without sacrificing quality or style. When you shop locally, you'll find that many stores such as these Top 5 Places to Shop Local in Memphis  that will have special sales on their merchandise, especially during payday and holidays.

    • You're likely to find quality products

    When you shop locally, the people who are selling you the items are probably familiar with the products they sell and know how they work. They can help you troubleshoot problems and make sure your purchase is right for you.

    You can assure that you buy things that are of high quality, so it's best to shop locally whenever possible. Many stores will offer free samples of their products, which can give you an idea of how they are made and what they're like in person. If you see something you like at a store, and it seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

    • Personal Connection to local businesses

    Shopping locally has a personal connection. When you shop at a store that you know and trust, you have more confidence in the quality of their products and services, which makes it easier for you to make decisions based on personal experience rather than just reading reviews online or watching commercials on TV.

    You can't beat the convenience of shopping online and having your items shipped directly to your door. But there's something to be said about shopping locally, especially during the holidays.

    You'll save on shipping and get the benefit of interacting with local businesses that are excited about their customers' holiday shopping experience. 

    Local business owners know their customers by name, so they're more likely to give you personalized service and attention. Plus, many small businesses are seasonal, so you'll want to shop for them when they're at their best. Take time knowing these Top 5 Places to Shop Local in Miami

    • Better Experience

    When shopping locally, you get the best possible experience because you're supporting your local economy, not just cashing in on tax cuts. By buying from local businesses, you can be sure that they will take care of their employees well enough so that they can provide exceptional service when needed as well as enjoy a better work environment overall (because they don't have to worry about being laid off due to economic downturns).

    If you love shopping at local stores, then this holiday season is the time to do so. The joy of buying locally is multiplied when you support your local economy by shopping here. Shopping locally is also more fun because there are lots of different shops in each city that offer unique products and services. 

    • Shopping locally is the perfect way to discover new places you will love

    The best approach to finding new stores you'll enjoy is to shop locally. This holiday season, be sure to visit your local farmers market. 

    Many towns have one or more farmers' markets which are excellent places to buy fresh and organic produce, honey, jams, baked goods, and other foods at reasonable prices. If you're lucky enough to live near a beach or mountainside, you might even be able to pick up some local seafood or farm-fresh eggs during your trip as well!

    You can also find unique items that are not available in stores like clothes made by local artists or artisans or handmade soaps or lotions.

    You can also check out these blogs for more of our favorite local shops:

    If you've never shopped locally before, here are a few tips for getting started:

    1. Search for local businesses on social media

    If you're looking for a specific type of business — say, a bakery or a clothing store — you'll likely find them on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Facebook has a Local Community page that allows users to find shops around them, and Twitter has a #LocalLocator hashtag that allows users to search for local businesses near their location. You can also use Google Maps to search locations within a few miles of your home or business.

    You can use social media sites to search for local businesses near you. Some local shops even have their pages with posts about special deals about their products and events happening in their stores or neighborhoods, which is another great way to find them. 

    2. Look for "locally owned" signs

    Look for "locally owned" signs in store windows. This means that the store is owned by people who live and work in your area, instead of out-of-town corporations.

    These businesses tend to be more motivated to do business with their neighbors than national chains, which may not have as much incentive to stock their shelves with products from their local communities.

    If a business is located in an area where people live and work, it means they're likely going to have some real ties with their customers — and that makes them more likely to be willing to work with you if you have a problem or need something fixed.

    3. Ask your friends and family for referrals

    If you don't know anyone in your town who sells locally-made goods ask your friends and family for ideas if they are already dedicated to supporting local businesses. You can also ask someone who lives in your area where they shop and what they recommend.

    People tend to be more knowledgeable than online reviews can convey, so talking with someone who knows the area well can help you find good deals on items that are hard to find online or offline. You might be surprised by how many people there are who do!

    The majority of local businesses expand through referrals.

    4. Shop at the right time of day, and the right time of year

    You're more likely to find local farmers selling produce and other goods in the morning or early afternoon when they're not yet sold out, and they have all their best stuff left.

    Additionally, the best time of the year to shop locally is during the holiday season, which takes place from late November through early January. Local stores will be bursting with inventory and are likely to have more deals than any other time of year. 

    5. Go around the block and start with one store

    It's easy to miss something good if you don't know what's there — so walk around your neighborhood and start with one store. Start shopping at a business you like that sells the things you need there.

    Start small with just one or two items that you know you'll use often. You can then work into larger purchases as your budget allows.

    6. Plan ahead

    If you want to buy an item from a local farmer, ask them when they plan on selling it.  — it can make all the difference between finding something last-minute and missing out altogether! 

    Plan what you want to buy and how much it will cost in advance. Then, shop around for the best deals on those items — stores may have sales or coupons that can help you save more than if you were just buying them at full price. 

    If you're new to shopping locally, it's probably best to start with gifts for yourself before you worry about buying gifts for others. That way, you have something to give and someone else can be happy with the gift.

    Before you go, be sure of what you want to buy. If it's something easy like candy or candy canes, consider buying them at a store that specializes in that kind of product. If you're looking for a special gift like an ornament or a cute sweater, it's best to hit up places where they sell those kinds of items — especially if they will be out of stock during your local visit. 

    Be patient with yourself. If you've never shopped locally before, don't worry! It takes time to get used to shopping locally and there will always be an unexpected item or two that is not exactly what you were looking for but still makes for a great gift (or keepsake).

    7. Make use of coupon codes when available

    If you don't want to look at the same store all the time, then take advantage of weekly sales and coupons. You'll find that these types of stores offer great value on their products, which makes it easy to stock up when they go on sale which will help save money while also supporting local businesses!

    Many stores offer coupon codes that can help cut down on costs when shopping locally! These codes usually go live around Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) or Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Some stores even offer coupons throughout the year, so they're available at all times!

    8. Think about your budget

    If you're looking for bargains, it's important to think about your budget and where you might be able to save money by buying somewhere else. For example, if you can get a good deal on something from a store in another neighborhood, do it! 

    It may not always be possible to find a good deal on items that are more expensive or harder to find online, but shopping locally can help you save money on what matters most this season: gifts for family members and friends!

    9. Make a list of things you need to buy

    Before heading out to the store, write out a list of everything you need to buy, list each thing, the type of products you need, and the price range (if you have one) on a piece of paper or in an online shopping cart — it will help you remember what you need to buy later, and stick it on your fridge or somewhere else where you can easily see it. 

    This will help keep everything organized and make sure nothing is forgotten when it's time to go shopping. If you have kids who help with shopping trips, having them help with creating lists can be an added benefit for them too!

    10. Make Shopping Local Part of Your Routine

    If you love to shop, then you already have an advantage over most people. You already know what's happening around town and where the best deals are. It should be easy for you to find deals on products and services that are local to your area. Don't be afraid to ask friends if they know where the best deals are!

    Make shopping locally part of your routine — perhaps even every week! By doing so, you'll build up your confidence and knowledge about the products available in your area. You'll also be able to spot trends and find out what's going on in your community that might affect how you shop.

    There’s no place like local for the holidays. Get ready for this holiday season with plenty of deals, thanks to local retailers and stores.

    - The City Shirt Co Team

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